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500kg Beam Load Cell Apply for Moveable Small Packing Machine

I. Introduction
In order to improve competitiveness, it's common for the wharves to provide bulk packaging services now. For small wharves, due to the influence of market supply and demand, the arrival interval of each batch of goods varies, sometimes it's very long, and the packaging equipment keep idle for a long period. Under this background, if the goods are transported to a warehouse for packaging, it not only leads to extremely high cost for equipment transportation, but also results in a low utilization rate of equipment, so it is not reasonable on economic. But if the wharf doesn't provide this service, its competitiveness will be seriously affected. It has been a problem for small wharves about how to improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of packaging equipment and reduce production cost. In order to meet the market requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises with dispersed packaging sites and low utilization of equipment, a small moveable packing machine with three bellows beam load cells for suspend weighing emerges as the times require. It can be widely used for quantitative packaging of bulk materials in small wharf, grain and oil system, feed processing and other industries.
II. Technical parameters
1. Load cell parameters:
  • Bellows beam load cell
  • Capacity: 500kg
  • Accuracy: 0.02~0.05%FS
  • Operating temperature: -30~+70℃
  • Protection class: IP67
2. Moveable packing machine parameters:
  • Net weight: 40~70kg/bag (material weight is calculated as 0.55 ton/m3)
  • Accuracy level: 0.2%FS
  • Scale value: 20g
  • Material characteristics: powder with good flow characteristics, granular materials (such as wheat, corn, soybean meal)
  • Packing speed: When the packaging speed of single packing scale is 500~700bag/h, the packing speed of two packing scales at the same time is 1000~1400bag/h.
III. Composition
The moveable packing machine consists of two double bucket quantitative packaging scales and adopts a semi-automatic packaging method of net weighing, moveable structure and manual putting bag. The components mainly include moveable car, storage silo, feeding device, weighing device, bag clamping device, steel structure bracket, weighing control unit, pneumatic components, package conveyor and air compressor.
1. Feeding device: Adopt single-arc double-sector door structure and gravity feeding to realize feeding at large and small speed, so the space material column is effectively controlled and the weighing accuracy and speed are guaranteed. The feeding can be adjusted to adapt to materials with different characteristics. The feeding cylinder is installed in the side air-control box, which does not directly contact with the material, thus improving the service life and reliability of the feeding cylinder.
2. Weighing device: It consists of load cell, weighing hopper, shell bracket, solenoid valve and junction box. Three load cells are suspended for weighing, which facilitate the eccentric load adjustment, the packing accuracy is stable and reliable. External load cells are easy for maintenance. The solenoid valves and junction boxes are packed in the box for protection. Unloading door of the weighing hopper is driven by two cylinders, and the synchronous connecting rod ensures that the double unloading door opens synchronously.
3. Storage silo: The system is equipped with a larger bunker and a level gauge to guarantee the stability of materials and improve the packaging accuracy in weighing. To facilitate packing in different warehouses, the storage silo adopts a detachable structure.
4. Moveable car: It consists of a mobile platform, wheels, bogies and a cross-roof supporting system. The car can be moved to the working site by tractor or human. It's suitable for scattered packing sites and is easy to use. One packing device can play a same role as several packing devices, so as to save costs for users.
IV. Conclusion
Bellows beam load cells are the best choices for moveable packing machine, because three load cells have more stable structure for hopper. After applying on-site packing, the packaging accuracy of moveable packing machine can meet the user's requirements and can be used in multiple warehouses, thus reducing the cost of equipment procurement. In order to improve the utilization rate of equipment, it can also be used among different enterprises through renting in case of a long idle period, so as to further share the equipment cost. Working sites of the moveable packing machine can be easily changed to save cost, so it has a huge development space in the small and medium-sized enterprises which are scattered and have low utilization rate of equipment.

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